Market analysis 


Heating industry, the rising sun industry  

To the north of the Yellow River, the national compulsory heating heating equipment, real estate supporting the annual purchases tens of billions of yuan


Yellow River south, with the improvement of people's living standard, independent family heating appear blowout type development, at a rate of 40% in growth, enterprise of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei and other large cities, with annual sales of billions of dollars continue to emerge.

Plumbing industry analysis

Plumbing industry analysis


The wall warm, warm, warm as above!

Before skirting warm invention, plumbing industry is divided into: the wall warm to warm the bipolar world, but they have many disadvantages.

Warm wall (wall type radiator) faults 
1、occupy the wall, the impact of furniture
2、damage the overall layout of the family decoration

3、Yi Yangchen, easy smoked black wall


4、 the old house, the wall should be arranged on the wall of the ugly heating pipes

To warm the disadvantages

    To warm the earliest from western countries was introduced into China, because it is from the floor to the heating, the first cold feet warm, high comfort and because it does not occupy wall, installation invisible, not walls blackened and does not affect the furniture such as, plus heating companies to hide its shortcomings, or said that due to the warm start in China also soon, the vast majority of people, not just consumers, including HVAC and developers responsible person, are still not very clear the disadvantage to warm, and some are even fatal flaw, thus leading to warm in our country has been developing very fast.

    However, this rapid development is lopsided development and blind development. Not only does not consider the energy saving and environmental protection, without taking into consideration the warm hazards to human health.

    Some need to open during the day to night off the intermittent heating office buildings, schools, kindergartens and other public areas is also installed to warm, a lot during the day and work at home not only need heating in the evening of working families also installed to warm, due to the thermal inertia of the warm not intermittent heating, no 24 hours of heating, resulting in a waste of energy.
We come from the decoration effect, heating speed and energy consumption, health effects and the installation and maintenance of analysis you warm exactly what are the disadvantages.

(a) the influence of decoration

1, installation of floor heating to raise the ground clearance height of 8-10cm, the impact of housing; and a door sliding door should be pulled down up.

2, can not be installed with the wood floor wood floor. Only install tiles, enhanced wood floors and composite floors, and due to the enhanced thermal resistance of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring is generally three times the tiles. Therefore, the installation of ceramic tiles is best choice, or energy consumption will be much higher.

3, warm once after laying, the ground can not such as slotting, drilling, screw nail changes, otherwise it will destroy the warm; and bathroom 2 times water and close water test, very troublesome.

(two) heating speed and energy consumption

1, the slowest heating is heating heating, generally 3-4 hours to reach the ideal indoor temperature. Therefore, installation of floor heating is generally the whole winter always open.

2, can not be intermittent heating, not suitable for only need heating in the evening of working families and day open late Shangguan and schools, kindergartens, office buildings and other public places to install.

3, not energy saving and environmental protection. Is the most energy consuming way. The general is 2-3 times that of ordinary radiator, is 3-4 times the energy base of warm.

(three) the impact on health

1, Yi Yangchen, easy to cause respiratory diseases. Especially easy to cause chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis and chronic bronchitis, etc..

2, easy to cause varicose veins and varicose veins and other diseases. If the temperature of the surface of the ground is too high for a long time, it will lead to the long-term blood vessel expansion, and eventually cause the disease. This is the heating procedures provisions long-term stays where the surface temperature not higher than 28 of the reason. In fact a few decades ago the European experience and lessons.

3, so that the risk of cardiovascular disease increased. The human foot and lower limb if long-term in high temperature, so that the blood pressure increases, leading to upward increase, to the heart of the pressure increases, so that people are prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4, to increase the risk of leukemia. In the surface of the covering material is enhanced wood floors and composite floors, warm from below to heating, accelerated the inside floor formaldehyde and benzene and other harmful substances to the indoor release, plus heating in winter is not ventilation, long-term life in this space, very easy to make a terrible leukemia and other incurable disease.

(four) installation and maintenance

1, has been renovated housing can not be installed. Can only be used for the decoration of the house is dark, can not be installed in the old house.

2, high maintenance costs. Each floor heating pipe loop is long and high resistance, resulting in slower water, impurities deposition, especially central heating;

For those with a non blocking oxygen tube heating, because the system easy to breed a large number of Legionella, slowly deposited on the inner wall, warm pipe diameter smaller resistance increases, and preventing heat transferring. Therefore, every 1-2 years, the professional staff should be cleaned, otherwise the heating temperature is not up, the late maintenance costs are higher.

3, once the floor heating pipe damage, maintenance particularly troublesome, to tile or floor removed, the concrete opens, then we can repair, not only maintenance costs are particularly high, and very troublesome, once the damage is almost no way to repair.

Skirting warm - the future of the new development trend of heating!

With the improvement of people's living standard, the housing decoration exquisite, strengthen the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, warm warm because of the wall