1, store sales

Unified store image, store a skirting heating installation showing real and customer way can see family the actual installation effect and store set experience, so that customers can actually feel the warm skirting heating heating speed and heating effect, so as to achieve a multiplier effect, to retain a per customer.

2, direct marketing

Through in the community put samples of the showcase, distributing promotional materials or in the neighborhood of others just rent a house will kick warm the actual installation, then is the decoration of the owners to pull practical experience warm skirting heating advantage and heating effect.

3, through distributors sales

Through the establishment of a branch or to find cooperation in the rapid increase in sales of distributors.

4, through cooperation with the decoration company sales

Skirting warm will blend into the heating and Tijuexian decoration function, does not affect the arrangement of the furniture, does not undermine the overall layout of the decoration, but also can improve the decoration grades, and the decoration sales companies, decoration companies, why not do it.

5, through cooperation with the floor sales

General and floor supporting the skirting line is free to customers. The floor vendors not only money and spend money to buy the skirting board, if the floor vendors recommend skirting warm, not only to save the cost of buying Tijuexian, but also can get a rebate incentives.

6, through the old customers to drive new customers direct sales model

Skirting warm this patented products due to abandon the warm wall warm almost all shortcomings, for installation of the first customers using skirting warm. There is a comparison in view, and it is a status symbol and personal values embodied, and this kind of heating mode is the best, they would not be to those who intend to install heating of relatives and friends recommended by the independent.

7, network sales

The rapid development of the Internet, network sales have become omnipotent. Moreover, this new patented product is more suitable for network promotion and sales, it can be said that millions of years is not a dream.