Yi Jie skirting heating will be warm and warm wall has the advantages of melt into one body, and the heating and the family decorate the perfect blend, ultra high gross profit space, ultra wide sales channels, to get the proxy is equivalent to have a cornucopia.

1, patent products, no competitors

- the market is almost impossible to find the same product, almost no competitors, exclusive patent agents.

New products bring high gross margin space.

2, the exclusive agent, ultra high profit space

- the regional exclusive agent mode, ensure that agents with higher profit margin, bid farewell to warm and warm wall of low margin business situation.

3, broad sales channels, market development is very convenient

- not only can through the traditional store sales and the patent products and exclusive agent, agents have higher profit margins can through to the decoration companies and floor dealer sales commission, put them into the other two important sales channels.

4, improve the image of the dealer company

To set up the enterprise image of the leading edge of the advanced technology in the consumer. Inwarm HVAC international has introduced a series of innovative patented HVAC products, not only can bring higher gross profit to agents, but also can improve the enterprise image of the constant innovation of agents.

5, design and installation of technical training, enhance the competitiveness of agents

Yi Jie international sales of products not only, but also to each agent for free technical guidance, so that each agent can become a HVAC expert.

6, good product quality and customer service to ensure that dealers, no worries

Yi Jie HVAC international used only the best materials, producing the best products, and perfect quality testing and control, never allowing unqualified products into the market; as for loss to the customer by the quality of the products, we assume all direct loss compensation.